Tuesday,   July 16/24 @ 5 PM  Single Track 6 Banquet, Nakusp Auditorium, Nakusp, BC. The Kootenay Renegades (Holly and Jon)

Saturday, July 20/24 @ 7:30 PM Detonate Brewing, Summerland, BC. (Jon Solo)

Friday,    July 26/24 @ 5:30 PM Torchlight Brewery, Nelson, BC. (Jon Solo)

Saturday,  July 27/24 @ 7 PM  Erie Creek Brewery, Salmo, BC.  (Jon Burden with Rob Johnson Band)

Friday,    Aug  02/24 @ 5 PM  Rossland Beer Company, Rossland, BC. (Jon Solo)

Saturday,  Aug  03/24 @ 7 PM  Finley's Patio Session, Nelson, BC. (Jon Burden and Rob Johnson)

Wednesday, Aug  21/24 @ 7 PM  Angry Hen, Kaslo, BC      (Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden Duo)

Thursday,  Aug  22/24 @ 5:30 PM  Finley's Patio Sessions, Nelson, BC. (Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden Duo)

Thursday,  Aug  29/24 @ 7 PM  Grist and Mash, Kimberley, BC (Jon solo)

Some recent past shows

Jan 11 - 14/24 Holly is on tour with Bill Usher and The Space Heaters(Golden Civic Centre, Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre, Capitol Theatre in Nelson and Veneable Arts Theatre in Oliver, BC.)

Friday, March 1/24 @ 4:30 pm: Rossland Beer Company, Rossland, BC. (Jon solo)

Saturday, March 2/24 @ 6:30 pm: The Heid Out, Cranbrook, BC. (Jon solo)

Sunday, March 3/24 @ 6 pm: Jimmy's Pub and Grill, Creston, BC (Jon solo)

Monday, March 4/24 @ 6 pm: Stemwinder, Kimberley Ski Resort, Kimberley, BC. (Jon Burden solo)

Tuesday, March 5/24 @ 6 pm: Stemwinder, Kimberley, BC. (Jon Burden solo)

Saturday, March 16/.24 @ 7 PM: Erie Creek Brewing, Salmo, BC. (Jon Burden and The Bleedin'Hearts)

Saturday, April 6/24 @ 8 pm: Finley's, Nelson, BC. (Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden with The Barbecue and Brews Blues Band)

Thursday, May 9/24 @ 8 PM: Grist and Mash, Kimberley, BC (Jon solo)

Friday,   May 10/24 @ 5 PM: Arrowhead Brewing, Invermere, BC (Jon solo)

Saturday, May 11/24 @ 7 PM: Radium Brewing, Radium, BC (Jon solo)

Thursday,  June 06/24 @ 5 PM: Angry Hen, Kaslo, BC. (Jon solo)

Saturday,  June 15/24 @ 5:30 PM: Finley's Patio Session Nelson, BC. (Holly and Jon Duo)

Wednesday, June 12/24 @ 7 PM: Summer Kicks Concert, Golden, BC. The Kootenay Renegades (featuring Holly Hyatt, Jon Burden)

Friday,    June 21/24 @ 5 PM: Rossland Brewing Company, Rossland, BC. (Jon solo)

Saturday,  June 22/24         Party, Nelson, BC.

Friday,    June 28/24 @ 5:30 PM: Torchlight Brewing, Nelson, BC. (Jon solo)

Friday,    July 05/24 @ 5 PM: Finley's Patio Session, Nelson, BC. (Jon with Robert Johnson)

Wednesday, July 10/24 @ 7 PM: Angry Hen, Kaslo, BC. (Jon with Robert Johnson)

Thursday,  July 11/24 @ 5:30 PM Finley's Patio Session Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden) 

Friday,    July 12/24 @ 7 PM: Finley's Bar and Grille, Nelson, BC. (Jon with Robert Johnson Band)

Saturday,  July 13/24 @ 7 PM  Wild North Brewing, Creston, BC. (Jon solo)