Tales From the Alluvial: CD
  • Tales From the Alluvial: CD
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By clicking the Add To Cart button you are buying directly from the artist. Shipping is included in the price in Canada. "The album contains eleven tracks consisting of acoustic guitars, clean-sounding electric guitars with bass and drums, well-blended harmony vocal lines and crafted storylines. Six of the tracks are full band offerings, four tracks are acoustic guitar, bass and vocal and one track – “Goin’ South” – is simply acoustic guitar and vocal. But they all have one thing in common: they are stories set to song; hence the title Tales From the Alluvial – alluvial referring to the alluvial flood plain, on which sits the house where these songs were recorded. A traveling theme runs throughout, as a lot of these songs were written about being on the road, either as a working musician or a sightseeing hitchhiker and there are a lot of references to the road, relationships and drinking, not necessarily in that order. Sounds like your typical country record, you might say, but this album covers much more stylistically, with elements of Folk Rock, Country Rock, Singer/Songwriter and ’50s Rock ‘n’ Roll with a tip of the hat to the twin, harmony guitar sounds of Southern Rock bands of the ’70s".

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