This third release from Canadian acoustic blues and roots artists, Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden, is a delight

 The eleven tracks contain nine, beautifully crafted originals, plus two Robert Johnson covers. Opening track ‘Back To 1929’, with its name-dropping lyrics, takes us back to the hey-day of the blues in the Deep South as the a cappella intro leads into a gentle acoustic number. Johnson’s ‘If I Had Possession’ introduces Burden’s accomplished slide guitar technique and gritty vocals. Hyatt’s jazz inspiration is to the fore on ‘I Can’t Sleep’, before a raw Fred McDowell-styled take on ‘Come On In My Kitchen’ has Burden again at centre stage.

  While the musicianship is of the highest quality, the star of the show is Hyatt’s soulful, melodic voice, epitomized by her passionate rendering of the six- minute ‘Heartbreaker Blues’, accompanied solely by Burden’s acoustic guitar. Such is the quality of the self-penned originals that you could be forgiven for thinking that fine old classics had been unearthed. Strangely sequenced at track ten, the more contemporary ‘Home Reno Blues’ must be a candidate for album stand-out track, with it’s rhythmic guitar and upright bass backing to Hyatt’s superb vocals.



 Morgan Horgarth           
  Blues In Britain           
Issue 136           
  April 2013 

"Live in 05"

Holly and Jon: 1929: The Summit Sessions

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